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The history dates back to 1956 when Chair Of Motorization of Agriculture was formed and managed by Bolesław Olgebrand. Between 1959-1960 it was reformed into Chair of Combustion Engines and Agricultural Tractors and in 1965 the Chair was divided into Tractors and Traction Combustion Engines. In 1970 the Chair was dissolved and Institute of Compression Ignition Marine and Railway Engines was formed. In 1974 the institute was renamed to Institute of Thermal Engineering and Internal Combustion Engines and, in 1993, Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Basics of Machine Design. The position of head of the institute was held by: Kazimierz Niewiarowski (to 1973 ), Edmund Tuliszka (to 1980), Włodzimierz Gąsowski (to 1993 ) and Jerzy Merkisz (1993 to date).

Initially the institute comprised four divisions: Division of Internal Combustion Engines, Division of Rail Vehicles, Division of Basics of Machine Design and Division of Thermal Engineering. In 1993 the last one turned into a separate chair of Thermal Engineering. In the beginning of 2001 a Division of Methods of Machine Design was formed and the institute changed its name to Institute of Combustion Engines and Transport.

At present the institute comprises:

In the beginning of 2008 there were 49 employees in the institute, including 41 academic teachers. Among the academic teachers there are: 3 full professors, 7 associate professors (7 holding the position of a university professor) and 31 PhDs . They hold the positions of: professors (3), associate professors (34), assistants (3), senior lecturers (2). 7 technicians and 1 person in the administrative position are currently employed in the institute.

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