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  Head of the division:
  dr hab. inż. Adam KADZIŃSKI

  tel. +48 61 665 2267
  email: adam.kadzinski@put.poznan.pl

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  Scientific and research activities:

  • Construction and design of vehicles with application of modern computer methods (CAD method and computer simulation)
  • development of theory of machine design
  • design of elements of public  transport vehicles taking into consideration application of CAD method and other modern  methods of vehicle design
  • structure of public transport vehicles, structure of systems of combined transport and bimodal transport
  • research on utility properties of vehicles

  • Research on dynamic properties of vehicles
  • synthesis of work states of basic functional systems of rail vehicles in conditions of stochastic character of coercions
  • predictions of hazardous states in functional systems of vehicles with application of intelligent methods
  • static and dynamic analysis of endurance and durability of suspension systems of rail vehicles
  • simulation tests of loading wheel sets of locomotive with tractive force
  • Theory and design of vehicle braking systems
  • theory and design of vehicle braking systems
  • modeling of train brake systems
  • working out methods and modeling characteristics  of pneumatic elements
  • analysis of braking system operation in untypical and emergency situations
  • Rationalization and optimization of vehicles and systems of their operational use according to reliability criteria
  • research and assessment of reliability of land vehicles and systems of their operational use
  • reliability modeling and computer simulation  of systems of operational use of land transport vehicles
  • optimization of systems of operational use of land transport vehicles
  • Optimization of vehicle operation in reference to economical aspect
  • methodology of energetically optimal train driving  in electric and diesel traction
  • energetic and time consequences of speed limits of selected trains
  • research on influence of altitudes and traffic disturbance into energy consumption and train ride
  • energy saving in transportation
  • Research and modeling of train motion process
  • methodology of driving train in forced, quasi-forced and optimal way
  • methodology of computing selected costs  of rides for services of freight rail transport
  • simulation research on sensitivity of train ride process into changes in traffic conditions including traffic disturbances
  • method of determining and investigating energetic noxiousness of rail roads
  • Research, modeling and simulation of processes and transport systems
  • methods of designing vehicle systems for realization of random number of transport tasks
  • designing of vehicle systems of transport services taking into consideration reliability and cost criteria
  • designing vehicle systems  operating on the basis of schedule-preventive services
  • methods of planning requirement for selected ranges of resources required for groups of vehicles
  • representation methodology of infrastructure and traffic in selected areas of transport systems
  • Safety analysis and risk assessment of hazards generated in transport systems
  • analysis of hazard risk in transport systems
  • assessment engineering  of hazards in transport systems
  • designing safety management systems  in transport systems
  • Diagnostic tests of vehicles and analysis of inference method
  • diagnostic tests of vehicles and their systems
  • research on relations  between diagnostic parameters, reliability and technical condition of vehicle systems
  • diagnostic modeling of transport objects
  • interference methods about technical condition of vehicles
  • analysis of assessment methods of critical values of diagnostic parameters and prediction of future conditions
  • Research and assessment of vibration level of vehicles and their systems 
  • assessment of noise level around vehicles and in the environment
  • modeling of environment noise
  • research on noise level generated by vehicle and their systems
  • research and assessment of vibration level generated by vehicle systems and their
  • Protection of environment in land transport
  • assessment of environment pollution generated by land vehicles
  • research on influence of transport development on the environment


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