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Wykład prof. Roya Hartfielda Optimized Desgn for Aerospace Vehicles
19.02.2018 | Poniedziałek


Wykład odbędzie się 2 marca 2018r. o godz. 9.45 w sali LO21, abstrakt znajdujej się poniżej:


Optimized Design for Aerospace Vehicles

Roy Hartfield

Walt and Virginia Woltosz Professor

Aerospace Engineering, Auburn University


   This seminar will be a compilation of publically available materials developed and published in the field of aerospace system optimization over the past decade.  Optimization of vehicles includes two primary elements: a suitably efficient, robust and accurate system performance prediction tool or objective function, and the optimizer.   Results for multiple staged systems, the tools used for performance predictions and a wide range of optimizers used to produce the results will be presented in the seminar.  The performance predictions include solid motor internal ballistics, vehicle dynamics modeling, fast predictors for vehicle aerodynamics, and fast predictors for vehicle mass properties.  The  optimization methods to be summarized include Binary Genetic Algorithm, Real Coded Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization, Pattern Search, Ant Colony Optimization, and Hybrid Approaches.  The seminar will conclude with a brief introduction to modeling aerodynamics and internal flows using a surface vorticity solver.


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